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Features Gas lubricated seal
  - Double cartridge seal
- High speed
- High pressure
- Balanced
- Single, Double, Tandem and tandem available
- Unidirection or bidirection available
- Easy installation

1 CGS-Single dry gas seal
  This seals are used with no addition back up seal.
Labylinths seals, radial clearance seals are optional.
This seal is used as an emission free with according flare or vent system.

2. CGS-Tandem seal
  This seals are admissible on process gas leakage on gas pipeline compressors.
This tandem arrangements are especially operational safety.
Because the out-board seal act as safety seal even if the in-board seal is leakaged.

3. CGS-Double seal
  The gas in-board side leakages to out-board side are inadmissible.
The applications are suitable for chemical industry.
buffer gas should be fed at higher pressure than in-board side pressure.
Operating Capabilities
  - Temperature : -40 ~ 250℃
- Pressure : 5.0Mpa
- Speed : 60 m/s
  - Oil and gas industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Rdfining technology
- Hydrocarbon gas
- Nitrogen
- Refining technology
- Centrifugal compressors
- Blowers
- Compressor